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  • HUAWEI Wi-Fi Q2 systems ensure powerful Wi-Fi in every corner fo you home , including backyard.
  • No more dead spots , slow spots , drop-offs or even buffering. Move from downstairs to upstairs, indoors to outdoors. Move everywhere seamlessly with smooth WiFi connection.
  • Huawei's hybrid technology fuses gigabit PLC and 5GHz 867Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi connectivity. The Q2 Series ensure not only WHOLE HOME Wi-Fi coverage, but also the FASTEST speeds for every and any Wi-Fi device.
  • Townhouse, Apartment, Villa, Brick or Steel, HUAWEI Wi-Fi Q2 series have you covered. Check out which package is right for you and if you move to a bigger home, an extra add-on unit will ensure that you have the perfect Wi-Fi coverage. One system supports up to 16 units for the perfect solution regardless of size.
  • Say goodbye to painful setup processes, the need to constantly check on Wi-Fi signals, and having to configure individual router and hub installations. Huawei hybrid connectivity's network is ready to go in 3 easy steps; Configure the first unit, Plug in the two units wherever you desire; and sit back to stream, surf, and game simultaneously with the whole family.
  • 2.4G SSID? 5G SSID? No need to remember that from now on! Enjoy the convenience of having one Wi-Fi network for your entire home. Move and watch your favorite shows seamlessly, from your bedroom to the kitchen and the backyard. Q2 automatically and dynamically optimizes your Wi-Fi connections without you even knowing, giving you the fastest and most stable speeds.
  • HUAWE! Wi-Fi Q2 system learns and adapts to the changing Wi-Fi environment, automatically optimizing your Wi-Fi channel to improve your home Wi-Fi quality.
  • Managing Wi-Fi has never been easier. With the Huawei Smart Home App, you can see what happens, set speed limits, allow guest connections, set Wi-Fi timing, pause connectivity on your kids' devices, and more.
  • No more fitting boxes into circles, HUAWEEi Wi-Fi Q2 system is masterfully designed as a centerpiece or to seamlessly blend into your home decor.